Sunday, October 22, 2006


I love picking out pumpkins, and then carving them. However, ever since I went away to college 6 years ago, I really haven't done it. My family would always go to the local farm to buy pumpkins when we were in IL, but since we moved to MA, it's always getting our pumpkins at the local grocery store. But one thing I used to love growing up was going to Freight Fest at Six Flags. That's one thing I will always remember doing. I don't know, why, but I just used to love it. I would love going to Six Flags during the summer and everything, but going during Freight Fest would just be the best, as all the employees would be dressed up and everything.
One thing I do enjoy about being in New England now, is that all the leaves changing, as there is way more trees around here then in IL. Taking a drive anywhere around here is so pretty!
I do need to go buy a pumpkin so I can have it at my place, but maybe I'll just paint this one. Cleaning up the pumpkin stuff was never one of the things I liked....