Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Random ME!

Favorite TV show: I used to always say Friends and ER, now it's 24!!!

Best date you ever went on: Probably the first real big date me and my boyfriend went on right after we started dating. It was my 23rd birthday, and he took me to Providence (about 1/2 hour from here) and we ate at Fire and Ice (which is SUCH a good restuarant now!). Anyways, after we walked around downtown Providence as it is such a nice clean city. We then walked along the rivers where they had this "waterfire" going on. Basically in the center of the river for like 2 miles, there is little fire pits all going up and down the river. We never made it all the way down to the end, but it was such a site! And sitting there watching the fire on the water, is where he told me he loved me! It was soo incredibly romantic! And now I wish he was here and not 600 miles away so I could run and give him a big kiss as I miss him so much!!

Your most fave friend: Coree - she's always there for me. And she is just so much fun to be around!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

7/24 Blog Challenge

The one that really pops in my head, I was telling some of my associates the other day actually! I was probably in the 3rd or 4th grade, and I was playing soccer with my best friend who lived right behind me. Me and Ian were in my yard, having a good time, we always played some kind of sport. Anyways, just as Ian was about to score a goal on me, I got stung by a bee. I screeched so loud that Ian's mom came running out of their house towards me. However, because my house was closed up with central air, my mom didn't hear a thing! Anyways, come to find out Ian's mom was washing her favorite dishes and almost smashed them because I screeched so darn loudly! Thankfully I'm not allergic to bees, but to this day I can still see Ian's mom face when she realized I was okay.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Altered comp book!

Here's my latest altered comp book for John and me to use. Well I'll be the one writing in it, as he's 600 miles away. But this way we can keep track of movies we have to see. Some are ones I need to, and others are for him, but mostly they're all for me!

My Horoscope for the day!

Get things taken care of in the morning, SARA, so that you can be carefree and laid back when the evening comes. It is important for you to square things away early in your own head so that you can communicate important information to others later on. Feel free to take a non-conventional approach. It is important for you to march to the beat of your own drum instead of anyone else's.

So I'm off to be productive right now on my day off!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Here's the latest 2 page lo I've done. It's from my first trip to Pittsburgh! I even cut out all the lettering at the bottom!

Trying out this site!

Well, here's my first post on this site. Hopefully I'll keep up with this one as I've been known to lapse on other blogs. But with the challenges coming from Val, I'm sure I'll be on here more and more!