Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Animals and Cars

If I could be a car - I would love to be a Jeep! I don't really know why - probably because I've always have wanted a Jeep! Not a jeep wrangler - but a Jeep Cherokee. That way I could go play up in the mountains and stuff, and not have to go hiking! I get out of breath with my asthma sometimes.
And for an animal? I would love to be a puppy! I just love how everyone plays with them and gives them so much attention and everything. I would love to be a lil puppy that never grows up!


harleyangel said...

aww!! I wanna be a puppy that never grows up too (or a girl that never grows up) lol :)

beckster said...

hopefully you will be a potty trained puppy that never grows up!!! being a jeep would be super cool!! then you could be muddy all the time and nobody would care!