Sunday, August 13, 2006

Painted Cows

All these pics were taken last weekend when John was home visiting. These were right outside the one train station. There's so many different ones all over Boston and I guess they'll be auctioning them off within the next few weeks for charity! And sadly, these pics are the only ones I took all weekend! :(


Valerie said...

great pics! thanks for sharing them!

doll~ said...

They are soooo cool... One time at band camp... uhhh heheee I mean one time, they had about 4 on display at the Missouri state capitol and I went over to check them out... I wasnt into scrapping then and didnt take a camera... Im so hating myself for that now! They were so cool! TFS :)

Florida Girl said...

Wow - the last time I was in Chicago - they had these same type cows all over the city - it was so cool - my daughter loved them - that was like 5 years ago. I bought some painted cow stickers awhile back - because they reminded me of the Chicago cows.