Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's London!! (part 1)

Saturday March 10:

Well, John and I wake up, and get dressed, and making sure we have everything for our trip. John goes to clean his glasses (like he does everyday) and what happens? They break right in the bridge! Clean break, but such a small bridge in between the lenses, that taping doesn't seem to work, nor does super glue! So....needless to say...John went the whole week without his glasses! Thankfully he did pretty well! Thankfully he doesn't need them for distance - just to clear things up.

Anyways...we get to the airport, get on the plane, just about to take off...and the radar goes down. For 45 mins we were stuck on the runway because we couldn't take off without radar! Anyways...we get up off the air, make it to NY no problems. Walk around the airport, get on the next flight. Get on the next flight, pull away from the gate, and then the captain comes on saying that we're number 47 to take off. We had some time to kill. So an extra hour on runway, but then we were finally on our way!

Sunday March 11:

Get to London!!! Woo Hoo!! Made it through customs and everything make it on the express train into the city, had a lil problem as our underground train to our station was closed for the weekend, so we had to go around and figure that all out, but thankfully that didn't take us too much longer. Made it to the hotel, and passed out for a few hours, as we both didn't get much sleep on the plane.

Decided to head to the London Aquarium, and at least get something seen for the day!

We came out of the Aquarium at sunset, and took a few good pics of Big Ben. Did you know that the tower that we see when we talk about Big Ben isn't Big Ben? It's acutally the bell inside that is called Big Ben. And there's 4 smaller bells around Ben that strike at every 15 mins, and every hour Big Ben chimes!

Was there for awhile, and then we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner. There was a lot of bdays there that night! Saw Picadilly Square at night - but didn't take any real pictures, but then came back to the hotel and passed out!


Florida Girl said...

Sara - this is such a REALLY GREAT PICTURE!!!! I love hearing about your trip - I cant wait to read some more....I am still envious - you lucky girl!!

doll~ said...

Ooo wow, you did good telling your story... Im so glad that we are friends and that you could relay this story for me as I may never in my life get to go to a place like this... This last picture is fabulous... Im so happy you had a wonderful time! ps: Seeing the Queen must have been the most awesome thing!!! ;)