Monday, March 19, 2007

London (Part 3)

Wednesday March 14:
Today we went back to Westminster Abbey to go inside and look around at all the tombs that are in there.
Unfortunately they do not allow photography indoors. But there were some really big tombs in there for all the past kings and queens that were burried in there. That's also the place where they have weddings and funerals for royalty. That's where the Queen Mum had her funeral about 5 years ago, and where Princess Diana and Prince Charles were wed years ago.
From the Abbey, we went to the British Museum and looked around.

We ended the day by going the that Hard Rock Cafe. It's the first one to open in all of the chains! It was such a small place, and had to wait forever to get in, but it was well worth it - the food was great!

Thursday March 15:

We started the day by going to Harrod's department store, and got lots of gifts for some of our family members and everything.

Then we went back to Picadilly Circus to take some pictures. It's considered NYC for London.
From there, we took a double decker tour bus around the city for 2.5 hours. Some of the scenes we had seen before, but not everything. And also, we got to hear all the history behind somethings as well.
And that was basically it!
We went back to the hotel and took it easy on our last night, as we were exhausted from doing everything in the past few days.
If you wanna know anything else about my trip - or see more pics - just let me know!

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Florida Girl said...

I love your blogs Sara - thanks for shring your trip with us.