Monday, March 19, 2007

London (Part 2)

Monday March 12:
We started the day by going to the Tower of London. There, we walked around the courtyard and everything, and had a tour by one of the guards that live there.
We also got to see the crown jewels that are in the center there. Too bad they don't allow photography though in there. There were a lot of old crowns from old King's and Queen's. Some of them are very elaborate with all the jewels!

It was also in the tower, where they would behead the royalty. (Everyone else would be done outside the tower for all to see, but not royalty!) Here is a memorial they had to all the royalty that had died there.

After the tower, we went to Tower Bridge! We got to take the tour through there, but thankfully did not have to walk up the 300+ stairs, as there was an elevator.

We got to walk around between the 2 towers in the walkways and got to look out and take some great pics of the river. From there we went down the river, and took a river cruise, and got to see the sites all along the Thames River.

After the boat ride, we were by Westminster Abbey, so we figured we would at least go take some pictures of the outside, as they were already closed for the day. So we go to walk by, and there's this massive group of people with all these cops around. So John asked the cop what was happening, and he said it was some kind of holiday, and that all the heads of state basically were in there and about to come out - including the Queen! So, because it wasn't like we were pressed for time, we stood around and waited. A little over 1/2 hour later, a bunch of people came out, and near the end, there was the Queen!!

So that just made our day right then and there, because not many people can say they saw the Queen like that! So, we continued on down the street or so, and passed New Scotland Yard.

And then we ended up at Buckingham Palace shortly after the Queen had arrived home.

We ended the day by going on the London Eye. Not so great pictures taken during the ride, as it was night time and really thick glass. But this is the constantly moves at around 1/2 mile and hour, and makes one full rotation every 1/2 hour.

Tuesday March 13:
So we basically picked up where we left off, and went back to Buckigham Palace to see the changing of the guard. Because it's the winter time, they only do it every other day. So, because we had read to get there early, we were there about 3 hours before they started. And thankfully we did, as we got to stand right at the street line, and nobody was in front of us!

In one of the carriages at the end, was the Queen again - so we got to see her twice in 2 days! So cool!

From there, we went to Madame Tussands Wax Museum, and got to hang out with all the wax celebrities!

Very cool place to go and to see a bunch of different celebrities!

After that we, took a really long walk through the park to get to the London Zoo. Thanfully we got there right before they stopped admitting people. So it was quite desterted, as most kids had gone home for the day - so we got to look around easier then we probably would have. They had a lot of birds there, and lots of animals that you wouldn't see in the states. Like wild dogs!

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Florida Girl said...

How exciting!!! You are so lucky - you got to see the Queen - that is so flippin cool - I am so envious.